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Don Wilder is your one-stop solution for end-to-end product development and creative product luanch marketing services. With a multi-service delivery, Don is capable of transforming ideas into market-ready products and powerful brands. His client base spans from individual inventors to startups and extends to well-established e-commerce companies.

What don can offer:

Product Development Services:

Comprehensive studies and analyses aimed at understanding the viability and market potential of your product idea.

Detailed designs and blueprints focusing on aesthetics, functionality, and usability.

Building a physical or digital model of your product for testing and iteration.

Creating packaging that is both functional and marketable, enhancing the overall product experience.

Transforming your vision into an actionable concept complete with design sketches and preliminary plans.

End-to-end engineering services to make your product functional, scalable, and manufacturable.

Identifying and negotiating with suppliers and manufacturers to bring your product to life at the best cost.

Overseeing the manufacturing process to ensure quality and timeliness.

Creative + Marketing Services:

Building a cohesive and strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience.

High-quality product and lifestyle photography to enhance your brand image.

Providing support and strategy for crowdfunding campaigns to secure the initial investment for your product launch.

Offering public relations services to boost your brand's image and secure media coverage.

Crafting compelling text for marketing materials, websites, and product descriptions.

Producing engaging videos for marketing campaigns and product demonstrations.

Creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites to further establish your brand and drive customer engagement.

Connecting your brand with influential figures in relevant niches to expand your reach and credibility.

More About Don

Don Wilder is a seasoned product designer and developer with over 13 years of experience in manufacturing, particularly in China. He's successfully launched and marketed innovative products, raising over $2 million on Kickstarter, and offers comprehensive expertise spanning from product ideation to market launch strategy and execution. Don has lived and worked abroad in China and SE Asia for the past 14 years and speaks fluent Chinese.

don has created PRODUCTS that HAVE BEEN FEATURED IN:

Featured Products

The Venty Portable Fan

This expandable, lightweight portable fan offers over 48 hours of battery life and comes equipped with a detachable remote, oscillation features, and an integrated LED light for ultimate convenience..

HydraTech Water Vest

Designed for crossfitters, ruckers, and outdoor athletes, this is the world's first patented training vest that can hold up to 25lbs of water weight and compactly packs away to a travel-friendly 3.5lbs.

FastFit HIIT Training Game

Transform your workout sessions with this engaging HIIT fitness card game, featuring premium plastic cards and over 60 full-body weight exercises that cater to beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike.

The Living Crystal

Experience enhanced focus and heightened awareness of your subtle energy body with The Living Crystal, a meditation lamp that generates a subtle magnetic field around you and your environment.

Product Concept Development

Where imagination meets form- As a specialist in creative product design and development, Don breathes life into ideas across a spectrum of product categories. Whether you're an inventor with a groundbreaking concept, a startup making its mark, or an established company pushing boundaries, Don's expertise ensures your vision translates seamlessly into tangible products.

Product Photography

Video Production

Crowdfunding Case Studies

Zero Breeze Air Conditioner

A portable, multi-functional air conditioner that revolutionized cooling on-the-go, raising over $574K on Kickstarter within just 30 days.

Drama Mayhem Game

Elevate your game nights with this creative multiplayer improv role-play game that promises laughter and unforgettable memories, garnering over $18K in crowdfunding.

Puretta Sanitizer Station

A solar-powered smart bathroom station featuring UV light technology to sanitize toothbrushes, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria, with over $49K raised on Kickstarter.

Eastwood Slider Belts

Men's fashion belts featuring a unique slider buckle design for limitless adjustability, capturing over $125K in crowdfunding support.

The Apex Stand

A portable laptop stand designed for MacBook users that elevates your device for ergonomic ease and workstation simplicity, raising over $417K.

The Havit Cable

A premium, smart, multi-functional charging cable that combines high-quality build and design aesthetics, securing over $36K in crowdfunding.

The Vento Fan

A multi-functional, portable, full-standing electric fan (rebranded as the Venty Fan) that packs away cable-free, with more than $131K raised in crowdfunding.

The Ridge Stand

A versatile, travel-friendly stand that modernizes workstations for phones, tablets, or laptops, raising over $73K in support.

Timberline Belts

Unisex fashion belts crafted with premium leather and a stainless steel buckle, offering a lifetime comfort guarantee and raising over $39K in crowdfunding.

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